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How can we combinate professionalism and passion perfectly with each other. A overview for potential clients and new members of stuff ...

Someone who works a lot needs an environment thats makes easy to spend much time in the office. We attach extreme importance to healthy ambiance. Work should not make us ill.

Our offices are brightly and comfortable. The workstations are ergonomic, simple and beautiful. In each of our open-design workrooms sit 4 to 6 employees that new colleagues are quickly integrated into the community. The „composition“ of the offices is variable and oriented on the project requirements.

A day at MATcalc starts promptly at 9:00 am. Not later, fain earlier. Discipline and reliability are not an end in itself. It is more efficient if all have the same rhythm. Effectiveness and efficiency are "King". Again, not an end in itself, but because we want to implement all the things that are unwillingly done right from the start so perfectly that we have to waste as little time for it.

All principles and instruments have the same goal: Does not lose the fun with work. There are no second class employees who need to do the unpleasant jobs for others.There are no privileges, not even for the owners: Who others lead, must directly lead at the front and is the first „to throw themselves fearlessly in the battle". "Never ask someone to do something, what you are not even willing to do". This mentality and the mutual respect weld us together.

Trainees and students

The offspring of today are the trees of tomorrow!

We have not forgotten how important it is, already during their studies to gain practical experience. Each of us has looked out for interesting offers at this time, to translate the theory into practice and tried it. Today more than ever MATcalc keeps a close contact with science and education and considers the promotion of young scientists as an important task.

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Unsolicited application

Suprise us.

With a clear career goal, a special skill or special request for a training then you have not to wait at a suitable offer from us. They seize the initiative and you are applying.

We are always on the lookout for exceptional talents who are interested in a career or undergo training with us.

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Current Job offers

The following is a list of current job opportunities with us. Apply now, we are looking forward to you.